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Why Should Companies Use a Recruiter During a downturn?

What are the Benefits of Using a Recruiter During a downturn?

Utilising a recruitment agency during a downturn can prove a great advantage for businesses. Recruiters can help companies access a larger talent pool, increase the efficiency of their recruitment process, and even save money in the long run.

Recruiters have the advantage of a vast database of potential workers, enabling employers to find the best candidate for the role faster than if they search independently. This saves employers time and means they can fill that critical role more quickly. Companies also benefit from the knowledge and understanding of the market experienced recruiters provide.

The time saved by using recruiters can help companies manage their staff costs more effectively. A business can also save money by using a recruiter because they are more likely to find their ideal candidate the first time – meaning they don’t have to go through a long and expensive hiring and firing process.

Reasons Companies Might Not Use a Recruiter During a Recession

Despite the benefits of using a recruiter during a recession, there are still common reasons why some companies may choose not to. One of the main deterrents to using a recruiting agency during a recession is cost – companies may feel that more cost-saving measures are essential, and recruiting agencies can add to costs.

Time is another factor – finding the right recruiter for a business can take time, and it can be challenging to identify quality recruiters. Additionally, some businesses may view recruiters as an unnecessary expense during a recession. This is a mistake – recruiters can bring advantages to the recruitment process that cannot be achieved in-house.

How Companies Can Overcome These Obstacles

If cost concerns companies, they can maximise their recruitment budget by researching potential recruiters to find the most efficient option. Companies should also consider the long-term costs rather than just the up-front expense. Using a recruitment agency may be costly initially, but savings can be made over time as the recruitment process becomes quicker and more efficient.

Technology can also make the recruitment process faster and more cost-effective. Online applications, workshops and assessments are just some of the digital tools recruiters can use to make finding the right candidate smoother and quicker. This is beneficial to businesses and job seekers alike.


In conclusion, companies may be naturally uneasy about the costs of using a recruiter during a recession, but this should not be seen as a deterrent. Recruiting agencies can offer employers access to larger talent pools, increased recruitment process efficiency, and long-term cost savings. Companies should conduct thorough research on potential recruiters, consider the long-term costs and benefits, and utilise technology to make the recruitment process more accessible.

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