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Get to know The Talent Partnership - Amanda Bragg

At TTP, we operate as a tight-knit unit, evident in our weekly meetings. We tend to be rather open, perhaps even excessively so. Our discussions often include humorous anecdotes from the weekend or the unique idiosyncrasies that define us. However, this transparency fosters cohesion and facilitates our collective growth as a team.

We wanted to invite our contacts to get to know us all a bit better too, so we have put together a series of articles where you can learn about each member of the TTP family.

First up is Amanda, who specialises in recruitment for the Security and Facilities Management sector.

Do you have a nickname?

Perhaps lots that I am NOT aware of!!

What’s your favourite sandwich?

Can't decide between Toasted Cheese & Marmite or Toasted Peanut butter – Maybe I need to add peanut butter to my cheese and marmite

Do you prefer dogs or cats?

100% Doggies – Cats are evil (sorry cat lovers)

If you could bring back any fashion trend or old slang, what would it be?

Oh it has to be old slang, someone said to me once and I love it….. “Gigglemug” I am going to

use it more often– Look it up

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Will have to say my husband and dog otherwise I will be in the “Dog House” oh and going to France, but hang on I work when I am there

How long have you been working with TTP and how did you end up here?

I have been working with TTP for 7 whole months, although it feels like 7 years as it is family. I ended up with TTP as I stalked Tom Evernden

What sectors do you specialise in?

All Facilities Management and Security roles, having been in the sector for 25 years, I have

a great network of contacts.

How do you think TTP stands out in the recruitment market?

We care, simple as that – We fully understand our clients needs and find suitable candidates

that our clients will love. We also fully understand our candidates to match to roles.

What three words would describe The Talent Partnership?


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