Small Recruitment agencies Vs large: Who’s right for you?

With so many recruitment companies out there, how can you - as a candidate or a client -decide which is best for your needs? Naturally different organisations or people will have different requirements from a recruiter, but a good number of those using a recruiter’s services will be looking to fill a specific role, or land a role to fit a specific person.

The first thing to look at is the size of the organisation. Larger recruitment companies will likely be able to boast a larger number of available jobs or CVs in their roster at any given time, but that doesn’t mean that they will be a suitable candidate or a good employment fit. Smaller organisations will have a smaller client list, with whom they will likely have better working relationships and have a better idea of the company and therefore which candidates might be a good personality fit. And on top of that, the interview process will be more in depth and take more into account which can open doors that quantity-based recruitment practice won’t.

Another thing to consider is the experience levels of the recruiters you want to be working with. Of course everyone has to start out somewhere and trainee recruiters have to get practice, but with a large company the staff turnaround levels are significantly higher than in smaller organisations. This means that a large agency will have a continuous turnover of trainees who will then be replaced with a new group of trainees. In contrast, a smaller team has a much better chance of training new members to learn their craft in great detail and offering a much wider pool of dedicated, well-trained and experienced talent acquirers with the time and resources to concentrate on putting the right candidate in the right role.

The benefits can also be seen when working as a recruiter with a smaller company. In such an environment a trainee talent acquirer will have much more opportunity to learn their craft with a solid foundation, generally being able to take a bit more time to learn the ropes before being thrown in at the deep end. Lacking the “sales” mentality of larger recruiters, smaller firms tend to have the flexibility to focus more time on building relationships and structured networks, both in a business sense and internally.

There’s no doubt that for many clients and for many budding recruitment agents, a larger firm is exactly what they need. But those interested in a more in-depth and personal experience in their job hunt, who want the recruiter to look at them as more than a CV, smaller recruiters have better capacity to fit candidates to a role that will suit them for the long term. If you need a candidate who will be a good fit for your team in both personality and ability or want to get some fresh perspective and bring in someone with a slightly different, but transferable set of skills, then the smaller agency is the way to go.

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