Hire staff with confidence, utilising our Gold terms

Meeting Room Business

We all know that hiring people can be a difficult process. A lot of time, money and effort goes in to it, so we wanted to add an extra layer of insurance to your hires from The Talent Partnership and make things a little bit easier.


That's why we introduced our Gold terms. Once one of our candidates has been successful in securing a position within your business, you will have access to a 12 month rebate plan. 


Month 1. A new Applicant supplied free of charge


Month 2 - 6. A Rebate of 40% of the fee

Month 7 - 12. A Rebate of 20% of the fee

Think of it as an insurance policy from us. The work we do to source and select the right people for your business should mean you wont need to use it, but if something doesn't work out, even a year down the line, we want to make sure you're covered. 

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